brain (plural brains)

  1. That part of the central nervous system of an animal located in the skull which controls the actions of the animal.
  2. An intelligent person.
    He was a total brain.
  3. (English pluralia tantum) A person who provides the intelligence required for something.
    The brains behind the scheme
  4. (in plural brains) Intellect.
    He has a lot of brains.
  5. By analogy with a human brain, the part of a machine or computer that performs calculations.
    The computer"s brain is capable of millions of calculations a second.

5 letters in word "brain": A B I N R.

Anagrams of brain:

Words found within brain:

ab abri ai ain air airn an ani ar arb ba ban bani bar barn bi bin bra bran brin in na nab nib rabi rai rain ran rani ria rib rin

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